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North East Summer Show


My first thought on arriving home Saturday evening was how good it was to be back at a show once more. It’s hard to believe that it was 18 months since the Bradford show.

Onto the day itself, it was raining cats and dogs as soon as we left Nottingham. We arrived around 9am a new experience upon us as the show hall was locked as the caretaker hadn’t showed up. Oh dear, as it was still hammering down the most eccentric of us were out in the “summery” conditions. Alas, within half an hour Richard had obtained the key and we’re in to set up. I remember thinking that we’ve had a memorable day before any rabbits were even on the table.

I’d been looking forward to judging in 2020 as I didn’t have any judging engagements in 2019. I didn’t think I’d have a 3 year judging gap so it was good to get back on the table. 47 entries which is a good turnout considering the difficulties a lot of breeders seem to be having.

A Nice day all round with lots of assistants on the table. Many thanks to Jim, Martin, Stevie, Janet & super substitute Steve Shacklock. And to Stewart for the all important book duties. Thanks to Sami & Dee for a good lunch.

Black u/5

1.F Manifield:  Bold colour through to a strong tail. Nice through work with good graduation. Slight late start rhs.

2.Herringbone Stud:  Nice open work with good spotting. Late start Rh chain, bit gappy on haunches.

3.F Manifield: Good balance of work, good colour. Ties in places. Dirty ear roots.

Blue u/5

             1: K Young:  Excels Colour. Nicely balanced, through work with good graduation. Slight Late start Rh chain. BIS

Tort u/5

1.S Dixon: Best Colour in class, nice shape of spotting. Good head & coat. Bit short of work but needs time to develop.

2.S Dixon: Decent coat, head & tail. Nice pattern rh side. Tends to tie Lh side.

3.Carnell Stud:  Decent colour, head & tail. Good pattern of work rh side, ties haunch lh side.

Grey U/5

1.I Kirkland: Nice Colour, through work solid tail. Tends to bar LH haunch. Ears slightly too big.

2.J &B Gardiner:  Lovely coat & colour, solid tail. Some nice spotting but too many gaps.

3.J &B Gardiner:  Lovely coat & colour, solid tail. Some nice spotting but too many gaps.


Choc U/5

1.R Took: Good spotting & colour. Nice condition. Needs a few more spots.

2.I Kirkland: Balanced work, fair colour. Needs better condition, ties haunches.



B/B Challenge u/5

1.K young

2.F Manifield

3.Herringbone Stud

AOC challenge u/5

1.S Dixon

2.I Kirkland

3.S Dixon

Grand Challenge u/5

1.K Young

2.F Manifield

3.S Dixon


Black Adult:

1.Carnell Stud: Best balance in class. Nice chain work , good colour & coat. Gap on haunches.

2.R Took: Good condition, nice chain work. Good tail & colour. Clean head. Lacking Lhs haunch.

3.S Dixon: Open work, couple of high spots rhs.

Blue Adult:

1.K Young: Super Colour, nice head. Lovely graduation Lhs. Small gap Rh haunch.

2.R Took: Good balance, gap in middle rh side, bars on haunches.

3.K Young: Nice head & colour, balanced work, falls flat on haunch work.

Tort Adult:

1.I Mcconell: Lovely Colour, good graduation on haunches , well balanced, nice clean ears.

2.S Dixon: Open spotting, decent head, needs more work.

3.Nice coat & Colour, fair balance. Heavy on haunches.

Grey Adult:

1.J & S Howson: Super Condition & colour , well balanced, nice eye circles & smut. Slight late start lh chain. Shapely work. BIS

2.J & S Howson. Nicely Balanced rabbit, good colour & coat. Touch late start to chain rh side

3.Hirstle & Dewhirst. Well Balanced , slight late start rhs, lacks a bit on the coat.

Choc Adult:

1.R Took: Lovely coat & colour, clean head, good balanced. Slight gap rh haunch.

2.Hirstle & Dewhirst: Good colour, balanced but lacks condition.

3.I Kirkland: Good colour, balanced but lacks condition.


B/B Challenge Ad:

1.K Young

2.Carnell Stud

3.R Took

AOC Challenge Ad:

1.J & S Howson

2.I Mcconnell

3.J & S Howson


1.S Cowgill

2.S Cowgill

Grand Challenge AD:

1.J & S Howson

2.I Mcconnell

3.K Young


Overall, the grey adults were the strongest class with 5 or 6 top quality exhibits that excelled in colour. Congratulations to all the winners.  


Russell Fenn.




















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