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News & Results 2018


As you all know I wasn’t the first choice to judge the Celebration Show but when I was asked to step in I jumped at the chance. What an honour as President of this fantastic club to judge the 75th Anniversary Show, and as a show it held up and exceeded all of its expectations. Any way down to the rabbits.

Black: 26 Adults: 8 U/5mths: The winning Adult was an outstanding colour, a real Black on White exhibit, super type and coat, got a head like a Tort, so clean, full tail and strong saddle, its bodywork had good placement of some very quality work. I just would have liked it to handle a bit harder but ha ho I wish it was in my shed. 2nd and 3rd exhibits both good type and colour, both with nice heads, good tails and placement of work, both beaten quality of spot throughout.
1st: Derek Page: 2nd: Bernard Double: 3rd: Firshill Stud: Winning youngster really good type, colour and coat. Quality right side just lacks a bit left side. 2nd and 3rd exhibits have good open work both sides and have fair heads and good tails.
1st: Bernard Double: 2nd: Fred Manifield: 3rd: Derek Page: GENERAL COMMENTS: To many Blacks still have poor tails and heads and fail in colour. Black should be Black, White should be White, not Charcoal and Magnolia.
Blues: 13 Adults: 4 U/5mths: The winning Adult was easily the best colour out of all the Blues exhibited. Its right side was of full pattern with some quality work, left side has a bare haunch, put down well and fit. 2nd exhibit better balanced but only fair colour and head. 3rd Exhibit nicely balanced but not in coat today.
1st and 2nd: Kent Park Stud: 3rd: Kitwood Stud: Winning youngster has a good head, good saddle, tail, coat and of nice colour. Good placement of work both sides and shown very fit, I gave this the C’C.
1st: Brian Taylor: 2nd: Kent Park Stud: 3rd: Kitwood Stud. GENERAL COMMENTS: Again, like the Blacks more attention to colour needed. Was the worst colour for poor tails, and they were poor. White hairs creeping up ears is another existing fault.
Greys: 15 Adults: 6 U/5mths: The winning adult for me today was shown to the minute, just how a rabbit should be shown, not a hair out of place, immaculate presentation, hard as nails, just handled so well. Quality coat and colour and all-round shape, right side pure quality work of the correct size with graduation, left side short of work in the chain but again rest of work pure quality, very well done a worthy winner. 2nd exhibit, a nice big Buck, nice colour again shown very well, good placement of some really nice work, nice head and saddle. 3rd exhibit, big Buck super fit, good colour, nice head, saddle and coat. Good placement of work both sides, just a little untidy under and needs to calm down when on table.
1st and 2nd: S & J Howson: 3rd: Russell Fenn. Winning youngster, good sized exhibit, again like the adult shown very well, good head, saddle, tail with nice placement of work. 2nd and 3rd both nice exhibits with pattern of work and good coats.
1st: S & J Howson: 2nd: Russell Fenn: 3rd: Alan Lakin: GENERAL COMMENTS: Still plenty of variation in colour, quite a bit of congested work some heavy heads but got to be the best colour for coats
Torts: 10 Adults: 1 U/5mth: Winning Tort, quality coat, colour and shape with good placement of work both sides, in pattern shown immaculate, another shown hard as nails just a little tear drop of eye circle spoils a good head. 2nd, again quality coat, colour and shape with nice placement of work, just a little bit more tied work than winner. 3rd, triple chains and barred work, nice colour.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd: Sandyback Stud. (Mrs Janet Lees) Youngster had a good head, balanced work just fails colour, thanks.
1st: Sandyback Stud. GENERAL COMMENTS: Still have the best heads but to many still have many bars and to many shades of colour.
Chocolates: 9 Adults: 1 U/5mths: Winning Choc, good type and colour, smaller spotted but in pattern both sides, fit and shown clean, nice head, saddle and tail. 2nd, nice type, small spotted through and not colour of winner, little soft in touch. 3rd, nice head, saddle and tail, balanced work in pattern, touch under.
1st and 2nd: Richard Took. 3rd: Kettlewood and Sharp. Winning youngster, good type colour and head, nice chains.
1st: Richard Took. GENERAL COMMENTS: Got to watch the size of work, it’s getting smaller but still too many with bars and congested work, also tails a little weak.

So, there is my general report on the stock at the fabulous 75th Anniversary Show, if you missed it you missed the show of the year. Thanks for letting me do what I enjoy the most.

Yorkshire area English.

YSS, judged by Russell Fenn, Best in show - Alicia Howells
SSS, judged by Aaron Dewhirst, Best in show - Richard Took
ASS, judged by Ian Kirkland, Best in show - Russell Fenn.

Members points winner: Russell Fenn
Junior members points winner: Alicia Howells

london english spring stock show 2017 BIS bernard with judge ray cooper

Best in show winner Bernard Double with judge Ray Cooper

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