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english1 bis boys with rabbit and cup Roger Prior Gold Cup Winner 2008 Gold Cup Winner, best black, bis - stevie dixon


Midland English


Young Stock Show August 2019



A big thank you to the committee for inviting me down to judge the Midlands ASS. There was an excellent standard throughout the classes ,with BIS going to a lovely black of Bernard Double. Thank you very much for the lovely lunch from the ladies in the kitchen and to Book steward Russell and to stewards Bernard,Richard,Keith and Bob.


Black Adults (13)

1. B.Double 19E01189 Superb rabbit overall,everything i like about an English. Excellent colour,lovely open spotting both sides particularly LHS. Shown very fit and presented immaculately. Very little to fault.Well done.

2. R.Fenn Very good colour,excellent sweep both sides with good graduation of work. Just felt a bit flat today.

3. K.Last Great head,super colour. Lovely bold spots. Great stud buck


Blue ADULTS (2)

1. B.Taylor 18E00910 Good colour,nice spotting and graduation,especially RHS. Few high spots on LHS spoil a little,well shown

2. B.Taylor Nice balanced rabbit,untidy head lets it down.


Grey Adults (8)

1. Firshill Stud 19E01603 Lovely type,nice clean head,lovely open work with good graduation both sides. Will only get better as it stretches. Shown very fit.

2. B.Chappell Excells in colour and coat with nice open work both sides. Good head.

3. S&J Howson Lovely RHS with nice clarity of work,just starts a little late on LHS. Excellent colour.


Chocolate adults (3)

1. R.Took 19E01048 Wins on coat. Good quality of spot on both sides,nice clean head. Shown very fit.

2. M.Wall Very good colour,good head with nice clean ear roots. Very balanced rabbit,just lacked clarity of spot of first.

3. R.Took Good head,very nice LHS  just a bit gappy on RHS.


Tort Adults (3)

1. Sandyback Stud 19E01200 Good balanced rabbit,lovely head and good colour. Couple of high spots spoil a bit,but shown very fit.

2. Sandyback Stud Nice balanced rabbit,just lacks work of first. Good head.

3. Carnell Stud Very good head,gap on LHS spoils.


Grand Challenge

1. B.Double 2.R.Fenn 3. Firshill Stud

Black & Blue Challenge

1.B.Double 2. R.Fenn 3. K.Last

AOC Challenge

1.Firshill Stud 2. B.Chappell 3. S&J Howson

Buck Adult

1.B.Double 2. R.Fenn 3. K.Last

Doe Adult

1. Firshill Stud 2. B.Chappell 3. R.Fenn


Under Five Months

Black U5 (7)

1.R.Fenn 19E02896 Best headed rabbit and best colour in class. Very good type. Nice open spotting RHS,Little congested LHS. Shown very fit

2. R.Fenn 3. B.Chappell

Blue U5 (1)

1. Firshill Stud Genuine youngster. Very nice RHS with good graduation,little lighter LHS. Good quality of spot,shown fit.

Chocolate U5 (1)

1. R.Took Good colour from head to tail. Nicely balanced rabbit,just lacks quality of spot. Lovely coat,well shown.

Tort U5 (1)

1. Sandyback Stud good head,nice sweep on RHS,slight gap top of chain LHS. Lovely open spotting,good colour. Shown fit.

Grey U5 (4)

1. FIRSHILL Stud Very good head,good colour, nicely balanced rabbit. Good type,wins on head.

2. S&H Shacklock 3. B.Taylor


Grand Challenge U5

1. R.Fenn 2. Firshill Stud 3. R.Fenn



Yorkshire Area and North East Counties English


Summer Stock Show 17th August 2019


Sorry this report has taken so long to surface, but only received my show paperwork recently.


It was quite a journey of two halves, good weather up to Doncaster, and Yorkshire then on. We always use the same Bed & Breakfast at Thirsk, and so were well refreshed for the Show on Saturday.


Both of us were very pleased with such a warm welcome and happy to see so many familiar faces. So, after the usual chats it was down to judging.


We found the Adult and u/5 challenges a bit dysfunctional as it was an any age Show with only five CC`s. However, we thought an entry of 72 was excellent and the quality of stock making the journey well worthwhile. Although, as usual, the eventual outcome differed somewhat, congratulations to all winners on both sides.


The only downside we both noticed was weak tails, one had a break, and headspots. Some could under certain circumstances and at a real stretch be attributed to dirty ear roots.


On a positive note, all CC winners and many others had good colour, strong tails and mainly good spotting and pattern work and were spotlessly clean.


So thanks very much for the invite, a thoroughly enjoyable day, good atmosphere and great canteen.


Thanks to Tookie for keeping the judges well watered during the day.


The Two Bobs ( Bob Bushell and Bob Searle)


PS. Sorry I couldn’t congratulate my BIS as I didn’t have the paperwork at the show. Bob Bushell.



London English Young Stock Show 21st July 2019


The London English YSS was, as always, a pleasure to judge. A nice show hall, quality stock and a good gathering of fanciers.

There was a very good selection of stock with the first three blacks of Russell Fenn and Bernard Double and the grey of Stewart and Janet Howson easily capable of changing places. The second grey of Firshill Stud should make up to be a very nice rabbit.

In the Adult Support Show the grey of Stewart and Janet Howson took BIS.

Thank you to Bob Searle on the book and the band of stewards, also the canteen ladies for a very nice lunch.


Black u/5

1st R Fenn. 19E01932 Nicely balanced, good colour and spotting. To be critical, eye circles a bit heavy. Well shown

2nd B Double

3rd R Fenn


Blue u/5

1st Kent Park Stud. 19E00134 Good colour, nice spotting and graduation.

2nd Kent Park Stud

3rd Kent Park Stud


Grey u/5

1st S & J Howson. 19E01450 Good all round exhibit. Nicely graduated spotting, good head. Fit.


Tort u/5

1st Sandyback Stud. 19E01200 Best colour in class. Nicely balanced but one high spot spoils.

2nd Bushmill Stud


Choc u/5

1st Firshill Stud. 19E01596 Nice colour, even work. Slight baring left hand haunch.


Grand Challenge u/5

1st R Fenn

2nd B Double

3rd S & J Howson


Bob Chappell




London English Adult Support Show 21st July 2019


Only a small entry in the Support Show. Best in Show was a nice grey of Stewart and Janet Howson.  Some exhibits needed their nails trimming and were not realy in show condition.


Black AD

1st B Double. 17E03885 Nice open work, good colour and spotting. Fit.

2nd Firshill Stud

3rd K Last


Blue AD

1st Kent Park Stud. 17E00938 Good colour. Even work.


Grey AD

1st S & J Howson. 19E01448 Good colour.  Very nice left hand side, few gaps right hand side. Shown fit.

2nd S & J Howson.


Tort AD

1st Sandyback Stud. 18E0475 Best colour. Some nice work. Shown fit.

2nd Bushmill Stud.

3rd Bushmill Stud.


Grand Challenge AD

1st S & J Howson.

2nd B Double.

3rd Kent Park Stud.


Bob Chappell





Midland English Young Stock Show 16th June 2019


A pleasure to be asked by the Midland Committee to judge their YSS .

These combined shows, in this case incorporating Stock Shows for the Midland Dutch and British Belgian Hare clubs as well as the Midland English YSS, Adult Support Show and Spring Show, definitely work to the benefit of regional Clubs, pooling admin and resources as well as exhibitors/helpers to erect/dismantle the show and stewards.

A reasonable entry of youngsters with my best today being the Black of Bernard Double.

hanks for the lunch and to my stewards and Russell on the book.


Black u/5


1st B Double. 19E01189 Open shapely work. Good graduation and colour. Nice youngster


2nd R Fenn. Balanced rabbit. Slightly congested right-hand side but will improve with age.


3rd Firshill Stud. Good pattern of work Left side with some breaks on right side.


Blue u/5


1st Mrs D Shipperley. 19E02071 Best head and colour in class. Balanced but gap on left side.


2nd Hirstle & Dewhirst. Fair spotting. Some gaps and spot base of ears.


3rd Firshill Stud. Not as cleas work as first two.


Choc u/5


1st R Took. 19E01046 Wins on clarity of spotting. Good work/colour. Break in saddle in neck.


2nd R Took. Balanced rabbit similar to 1st with same break in neck.


3rd Firshill Stud. Fair pattern but more congested than 1st or 2nd.


Grey u/5


1st Firshill Stud. 19E01600 Fit, good colour, coat and balanced work. Small gap right hand chain.


2nd J Kay & Sons. Another fit youngster with some nice work. Mackerel tail.


3rd S & J Howson. Some shapely work. Good coat/colour. Fails haunches


Tort u/5


1st Sandyback Stud. 19E01200. Nice youngster with good coat, colour and head. Open, balanced work with good graduation and pattern. Couple of high spots.


2nd Sandyback Stud. Good head. Fails chains and not colour of winner.


Grand Challenge u/5


1st B Double


2nd Sandyback Stud


3rd R Fenn


Ken Brownsword



Midland English Adult Support Show 16th June 2019


Some nice adults on show in reasonable coat for the time of year. The chocolate doe from Richard Took was my best closely followed by Bernard Doubles black buck.


Black Ad


1st B Double. 17E03885 Well balanced rabbit with good colour and shapely work in pattern.


2nd B Double


3rd F Manifield


Blue Ad


1st Carnell Stud. 18E00790 Nice type with good colour and head with clean short ears. Some gaps and barring on haunches.


2nd Firshill Stud


3rd Mrs M Kirkland


Choc Ad


1st R Took. 16E00813 Excellent rabbit with clearest markings in class. Balanced. My best adult.


2nd R Took.


3rd R Took


Grey Ad


1st J Kay & Sons. 18E01710 Nice doe, fit with some shapely work and fair head. Congestion on haunches.


2nd I Kirkland


3rd Firshill Stud


Tort Ad


1st Mrs M Kirkland. 18E02465 Small spotted work in pattern. Short of one or two spots on both haunches. Good head.


2nd Sandyback Stud.


3rd Carnell Stud.


Grand Challenge Ad


1st R Took.


2nd B Double.


3rd J Kay & Sons


Ken Brownsword

















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