Gold Cup & Black

National English Rabbit Club

~ The 24 Carat Club ~

National English Rabbit Club


Mr Phil Shaw

(01325) 260409

english1 bis boys with rabbit and cup Roger Prior Gold Cup Winner 2008 Gold Cup Winner, best black, bis - stevie dixon


Current Subscription charges are as follows:


Adult Membership - £8.00

Junior Membership - £6.00

Senior Citizen Membership - £6.00

Spotlight Magazine - £6.00 for 5 issues


Membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year.  Junior members are under 17 years old on 1st January of the current year.


Please send all membership applications including your name, stud name (if applicable), and address together with the correct fees to the Secretary:


Mr Phil Shaw

49 Park Crescent


County Durham



Tel (01325) 260409


All current members will recieve a copy of the club's year book at the beginning of each new year.